Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle. At least, that’s how it feels during the first week or two back to class. It is hard not to get overwhelmed as each semester starts anew.

There’s always so much confusion and chaos; new professors, new syllabi, new books. And then, of course, the lines EVERYWHERE you go.

Lines at admissions, lines at financial aid, lines at the bursar and be sure to set aside a full hour if you buy your books at the bookstore.

Then you have to know the deadlines and schedules: last day to drop, disbursement dates, which vary for loans — first-time and repeat borrowers — and Pell grants, throw in VA benefits or outside scholarships and you have a recipe for confusion.

There should be a class on how to go back to class but then again, would financial aid cover it?

How much would the book cost? Would it be in 1F1 or 2C8?

Oh, forget it. Who would have time time take it anyway?

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