Warm nights well spent at Mont

The Mont is a not-so-shabby restaurant located at 1300 Classen Blvd in Norman, right next to the train tracks where it’s nice and noisy.

Most people would think the train is too loud and disrupting for a nice evening meal, but that isn’t the case at The Mont.

The Mont is noisy place whether a train is involved or not, which isn’t a bad thing.

The outside patio area is a great place for food and drinks on a warm summer night and could probably be compared to a lively backyard get-together.

The atmosphere allows people to feel an awesome, welcoming vibe that says “Hey, let’s drink beer and eat nachos!”

Although I am not currently of age to drink alcohol, the nachos are splendid.

The nachos, by the way, include monterey jack cheese with Wisconsin cheddar topped over salty corn tortilla chips, with jalapeños on the side, all for $5.99.

If that doesn’t make your stomach rumble with hunger, maybe adding some guacamole for $2.59 will make your stomach reconsider.

If you’re more into American food, they have your cheeseburger fix with a range of 10 different burger options all ranging from $5.99 to $6.99, which are also on the cheaper side of fine dining.

From all burger choices, I would go with the Santa Fe Burger, which is a char-grilled third-pounder with bacon, pepper jack cheese and guacamole.

Anything with guacamole from the Mont is pretty decent.

Although the restaurant is a little rough around the edges, everyone eating or drinking seems to be pretty happy, which must mean that they all found parking — that sometimes seems nearly impossible for me when going to the Mont.

Overall, the Mont is a pretty good summer night place to hang out and eat some tex-mex style foods in Norman.

Rating: B

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