Want adventure? Read a book

Every night that I don’t have class, I read my children bedtime stories. Many times, this is the highlight of my day.

I can let down, relax and share adventures with my two favorite boys in the world.

We can go on an adventure in the wild, meet monsters, fight a villain or just play.

Books have such immense value. I am so glad they are readily available to us.

These days, you can read a book on your phone and many other devices. I am still passionately in love with holding the actual thing in my hands.

When I want to relax, I pick up a book and sit and read for hours. Fantasy, biographies, mystery, crime, poetry — I love them all.

Call me a nerd if you must but I love the feel of the paper as I turn a page. I love the smell of the book, new or old. I love the art of a cover page or the binding on an antique novel. Books make me happy.

For me, a book has always been magical and exciting. I see them as a gateway for enjoyment and knowledge.

I become giddy as I turn to the epilogue or the first page. Even though my children will grow up in a world steeped in technology, I hope to pass on my love of books.

I read an article online about furniture that is no longer being used in homes. Coffee tables, standing clocks and bookshelves were just a few of the items mentioned. The idea of not having a bookshelf in a house blows my mind.

There is a built- in bookshelf in my room. It starts at the floor and goes straight to the ceiling. This is one of the most important pieces of furniture in my house. It is full of books and I will soon need to find another one because I am running out of room.

I am and always will be an advocate of reading.

Drop the tablet. You don’t know how great the experience is until you are holding a book in your hand.

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