Voter deadlines approaching

Anyone wanting to vote in the upcoming elections needs to be registered by July 2, the deadline for registering to vote or to change parties in the state primaries.

The deadline for requesting absentee ballots is July 21.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website, people can register to vote at their County Election Board, post offices, tag agencies and libraries. Each potential voter must 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Oklahoma.

The Aug. 24 primary elections determine which candidate will run for the Republican and Democratic parties.

State final elections, Nov. 2, will determine the governor.

Lauren Zuniga, a customer service representative for Oklahoma State Election, said if people want to change their political party they have to wait until September.

“From June 1 to Aug. 30 in an even year,” Zuniga said, “you cannot change your party alignment. However, once Sept. 1 rolls around you can change your party alignment.”

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