Virtual club fair provides connection opportunity

By now it is common knowledge that COVID-19 has forced many on-campus events, including most classes, to go online.

Most recently, OCCC’s Student Life’s semesterly club fair was added to the list of events that have transitioned online.

This semester’s club fair took place the entire week of Feb. 15-19. Usually the event is held in the hallway between the Writing Center and the bookstore in the Main Building. 

This year however, according to the Coordinator for Student Life Kristi Fields, due to COVID-19, events like the club fair cannot be held on campus.

“This gives students a safe way to stay engaged in campus activities. Student life offered virtual tabling as a way for our clubs and students to make the social connections that are so important right now,” Fields said.

Only four clubs signed up to participate in the virtual club fair. Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Christians on Campus, Hispanic Organization to Promote Education, and Sexuality and Gender Acceptance.

 Throughout the week, the four clubs held multiple meetings daily.

 Feb. 15-16, HOPE, BCM, and Christians on Campus held virtual meetings on and off throughout both days starting from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. The rest of the week followed a similar pattern with SAGA joining the rotation.

According to Fields, there were no new student participants reported to Student Life, nor did the event go as well as they had hoped.

“We may try, once again, to re-imagine this event in order to get more participation in the future,” Fields said.

Although the virtual club fair was not as successful as they had hoped, it did not discourage Student Life employees.

 “Even though this event didn’t get the participation that we hoped, we will continue to work tirelessly to think of new ways to encourage students to make connections,” Fields said.