Vintage hits to set the summer mood

Many of these songs may not necessarily be about summetime but the melodies and tempos will get your summertime mood in full swing.

Here are some now oldies but goldies I used to listen to as a young pup while hanging out at the lake with my friends.

The following list is in no particular order:

Stay With You” by John Legend

This song goes more to the campfire sing-along but it is a beautiful song.

Cruel Summer” by Bananarama

The title says it all. This song is for those of us who were and still are mad at the world because our friends are off on a real vacation with their families while we are stuck at home snapping peas with grandma.

Holiday” by Madonna

This is the type of song that forces one to sit back and remember when Madonna was still the bleep-pa-dee-bleep.

Lucky Star” by Madonna

Yes, it does bear a resemblance to Madonna’s song “Holiday” but it is still a very good up-tempo song and can be used to just hang around with your boo.

Hold Ya” by Gyptian

This is a party song which can double for an up-tempo love song.

I Like” by Kut Close

A slow love ballad but it puts one in the mind of chilln’ with the one you love during a hot summer night.

Up Jumps da Boogie” by Timbaland and Magoo, feat. Missy Elliot and Aaliyah

This quadro of hip-hop stars made this an all-time favorite summertime song. Although in the video they were wearing heavy jackets and long-sleeved jumpsuits, this song still puts me in the summertime mood.

Hold You Down” by Alchemist feat. Nina Sky

This song makes me want to move to the east coast and hang out on the rooftops. Alchemist’s lyrical timing, blended well with Nina Sky’s smooth vocals, made for one hell of a hot summertime song.

Pass the Dutchie” by Musical Youth

This song is a classic reggae feel good song. We had no idea what these kids were saying but the beat made us dance and well, feel good. I bumps “Pass the Dutchie” to this day. P.S. this particular song was not about marijuana.

Butta Love” by Next

I haven’t the foggiest idea why this song puts me in the mind of summer, but it does.

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