Uniqlo spreading its stores throughout the world

I buy a lot of clothes. Like, seriously, an absolutely abnormal amount of clothes.

Clothing, in general, is one of my biggest interests. In addition to buying too many clothes, I also buy  clothes that are too expensive. One time, I told my father how much I spent on jeans, and he literally didn’t talk to me for a week. My friends regularly make fun of me, and my mom gets genuinely frustrated by the amount of clothing that gets shipped to my house.

So, when I give my recommendation to Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo, you have to realize that this recommendation is no joke. When it comes to brands, Uniqlo is one of those brands that is relatively low-tier. In that, I mean that the prices are great, they have a lot of sales and you can find their stores in malls across the country.

Uniqlo Store OpeningThey fall into the same category as an H&M, or a Topman or a Gap. The difference between Uniqlo and all of those other brands though, is that their clothes are very, very good quality.

I’ve never purchased anything from Uniqlo for more than $30, and everything I’ve picked up has been something I wear regularly. The quality of a shirt that I would spend $15 dollars on at Uniqlo is on par with (or better than) shirts I have that were four times that price.

Uniqlo’s style of clothing, for the most part, is very basic.

There’s nothing with crazy patterns or outlandish designs. I love that, personally, because Uniqlo’s best attribute is that their basic clothing is perfect for anyone. Everyone needs a basic hoodie or two. Everyone needs some really comfortable t-shirts that they can regularly wear. What’s the point of going to Walmart and spending $15 on a package of Hanes T-shirts when you can buy two shirts from Uniqlo that are miles better in terms of quality? Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to clothing, because you can only wear one shirt a day.

Another great thing about Uniqlo that I love is that they regularly do collaborations. These collaborations often add some cool diversity to the roster of their clothing, and they’re always something to be on the lookout for.

Uniqlo is simply the best brand for it’s price point in terms of quality. They have really affordable clothes for both men and women, and anything you decide you might want will be something you will find yourself regularly wearing.

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