Trumpet is a different experience

I just bought and started learning to play a new musical instrument. It’s a beat up old trumpet. I’ve previously tried my hand at playing the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and harmonica. I was alright at all of these other instruments, but they couldn’t prepare me for the trumpet. It seems entirely different and harder to play than I initially thought.

Being a jazz head and huge ska fan, I’ve always had an interest in playing the trumpet, but I’m not ashamed to admit I wasn’t even sure how to hold the thing when I bought it, let alone make any sound come out of it.

Once figuring out a comfortable way to hold it, I tried to just blow into it. Nothing happened. Then I remembered hearing something about buzzing into a trumpet to produce a tone. So I tried blowing a raspberry. Eureka – Sound was born! Although it sounded awful, I was on my way.

I’ve had my trumpet for two days now, and have improved a little since my first attempt at tone production. I’ve been able to turn my dirt-bike-raspberry into a mosquito-like buzz. This makes a huge difference in the tone.

I don’t think I’ll be the next Louie Armstrong or Miles Davis anytime soon, or ever, but that’s not the point. Like all of the other instruments I’ve tried but have yet to master, I really have fun playing my new trumpet, and look forward to the day that the strained dying-animal sounds turn into something that more closely resembles music.

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