Transportation woes still a problem for many

OCCC students who don’t have cars or reliable transportation to the college can only get here by using the METRO Transit system.

Route 12 comes to OCCC and puts a bus near the Main Building nearly every 30 minutes.

This bus covers much of the southwest side of the city.

Unfortunately, the bus system is letting many students down, especially when they are trying to leave the college.

Some say the buses are simply too slow, often turning what would be a 15-minute car ride into a nearly two-hour city tour — the bus ride from OCCC to NW 10th Street and MacArthur Boulevard takes an hour and forty-five minutes.

Others say the system doesn’t offer enough stops during its 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. run.

For example, a student who lives in Spencer can only ride a bus from the bus terminal downtown in the morning and one in the evening.

If the student misses the bus either way, he or she must find another way to get to or from school because of the limitations on bus routes outside of the greater metro area.

And still others who have classes after 8 p.m. have to figure out a way to get home — the bus won’t come for them.

METRO Transit is the only public transportation in the Oklahoma City area. It is surely safer than walking, and less costly than a car.

The public transportation system has improved over the years, adding additional routes and extending transportation times.

Yet, some students feel that although public transportation in Oklahoma City has improved, it still falls short of what bus riding patrons need.

These riders are right in noting the system is in need of an overhaul.

To remedy this issue the Oklahoma City METRO Transit system needs more buses, more routes and more frequent stops.

METRO Transit has yet to comment on the questions for when it will improve bus schedules and routes again.

The transit system needs to react to the needs of the community. There are too many people who rely on the service for those in charge to come up short with solutions.

For bus routes and fares, contact METRO Transit at 405-297-2484 or visit

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