Transparency may have arrived

June 12, 2015 Review, Reviews Print Print

The USA Freedom Act, aka “Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act,” is surely not just a simple reincarnation of the freshly expired Patriot Act.

++USA Freedom ActThe Freedom Act will probably save America from the gestapo, aka the following acronyms: FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS/BATFE/DEA.

Apparently, the bulk phone data collection that occurred under the Patriot Act — enacted during George W. Bush’s term — will now simply be done by the phone companies instead of the government and supposedly, the NSA will need a warrant to access anything — and we know they would never break their secret rules, too important for us to know about in detail.

President Barack Obama seems very passionate about the Freedom Act — how would we all not be as passionate? After all, it is an act for freedom!

Surely the government won’t continue to do the exact same things it has been doing.

Surely enough people in government are familiar with the Fourth Amendment to make sure everything is legal.

It may have taken almost eight years, but the transparency Obama promised us before his hair went salt and pepper seems to be right around the corner.

With the implementation of the Freedom Act, the massive bureaucracy of the federal government is sure to change course.

I give the Freedom Act one and a half thumbs up.

Rating: B+

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