Transferring made simple

Some of you may want to transfer to a 4-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree but not know how. Here is a suggested timeline to help you get started.


Semester 1:


• Meet with an adviser at OCCC to discuss transfer plans.

• Start thinking seriously about interests and career goals, especially if you haven’t chosen a major.

• Research universities you might be interested in attending.

• Attend Transfer Fairs to make contacts and get information about universities.

Semester 2:

• Continue research on universities. The more information you gather the better chance you have of choosing a university that is right for you!

• Develop a short list of schools you would like to visit.

• Contact the schools you are most interested in and determine which of your credits will transfer to their degree program.

• Visit the universities on your list.

• Collect applications from schools you plan to apply to. Start thinking about essay topics, recommendations, and other materials you will need to prepare.

• Keep track of all application material and scholarship deadlines.

• Look into financial aid!

Semester 3:

• Schedule an interview at schools from your list that you have not visited yet.

• Send applications to schools you are interested in attending.

Semester 4:

• Analyze your credit evaluation to determine the courses that will transfer.

• Review your financial aid package and compare the bottom line at each university.

• Double check the deadlines for deposits, registration forms, and other university material.

• Take advantage of orientation programs and other opportunities for transfer students at your new school. Meeting other transfer students and getting acquainted with campus life will help ease the transition to your new school.

The Transfer Center, which is located in Academic Advising, can help you complete this timeline, answer your questions, and get you connected to 4-year universities. Contact me at or 405-682-7567 with any questions.

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