Trampoline park gives patrons more elevation

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I recently made the drive out to Edmond to visit Elevation Trampoline Park, which is an indoor trampoline facility.

When you first walk into Elevation, you are greeted by a grid of 48 trampolines lined up next to each other with protective mats being the only separation between each trampoline.

Twenty-eight trampolines make up the “floor” with the other 20 forming a wall with a slight slant, allowing the jumper to bounce off the walls.

Other than the main jump area, there are two basketball and dodgeball areas, allowing jumpers to channel their inner Russell Westbrook and dunk on regulation basketball goals with the aid of the trampolines.


There are areas where jumpers can fly through the air, off of the trampoline and into a foam pit. There is also a children’s trampoline area for younger jumpers.

To be transparent, I was in competitive power tumbling and trampoline as a youngster and basically grew up jumping on trampolines and doing flips, so Elevation was a dream come true for me.

The cost to jump is $11 for the first hour and $6 for each additional hour.

The price includes every activity in the building.

An hour doesn’t sound like much, but jumping on trampolines for 5 minutes left me out of breath, so a full hour is just about the perfect amount of time to do everything and feel satisfied.

Playing in the basketball and dodgeball area was probably my personal favorite.

I got involved in a heated game of dodgeball towards the end of my hour, which allowed me to slow down and catch my breath.

The impromptu game was started by some teenagers, but included adults and the pre-teens as well.

The friendly patrons, who invited me to play dodgeball, threw high fives when our team got someone out, in this case a really high five. It alone was worth the price of admission.

Cons: You can hurt yourself pretty bad if you fall and break something.

Pros: Come on, it’s a room…made of trampolines.

All in all, I had a great time.

The facility is top notch, clean and friendly.

Elevation offers free lockers to put your shoes and things in too.

Elevation is located at 14402 N. Lincoln Blvd in Edmond.

For more information, including open jump times, visit or @ElevationTP on Twitter.

Rating: A

—Mitchell Richards

Staff Writer

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