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Top web comics to check out

Beginning at the bottom and working to the top, these are web comics you’ll want to read during your lifetime:


#5 – Sinfest

www.sinfest.net [1]

An homage to anime artistically speaking and an homage to secularism content-wise, Sinfest is home for those who take the “golden calves” of religion and theology with a monumental grain of salt. Two parts satire, one part criticism, and an added dash of sophomoric humor help this comic to retain a fresh perspective on the world and its inhabitants.

#4 – Scandinavia and the World:

http://satwcomic.com [2]

There comes a point where humor that treads outside the bounds of the American sphere of influence is a refreshing change of pace. Depending on your exposure to global events and history some of it may sail over your head like an errant hockey puck. However, the comic’s author, Humon, usually explains her references for the unfamiliar. If you have any inclination to look at things from a wholly different perspective from the norm, then this comic is a must. Sick humor, historical insight, and an odd sense of innocence set this comic apart.

#3 – XKCD

http://xkcd.com [3]

With an author who has worked for NASA, and a serious bend toward the physics and mathematics crowd, many of the comics contained on this site will not only blow your mind and/or make you laugh but they will also give you the potential to boost that sagging math score.

#2 – Cyanide & Happiness

http://explosm.net [4]

Sick. Twisted. Hilarious. This site offers comic strips and animated shorts dealing with topics as diverse as an iPhone instantly repairing a rib cage that had been mauled by bears to the plight of the perpetually depressed “Sad Larry”; Cyanide & Happiness has developed a cult following for the better part of the six years the site has been in operation and has released everything from plush versions of its characters to two published collections of their best comics.

#1 – The Oatmeal

http://theoatmeal.com [5]

One does not simply read The Oatmeal— one must experience The Oatmeal.

With intelligence that belies its often overtly disgusting and exceedingly profane subject matter, The Oatmeal has gathered a massive following in a short time. With comics that instruct web denizens on the proper use of commas and semicolons to the subtle levels of likability associated with the game “Angry Birds,” the Oatmeal will cause you to lose a small amount of faith in humanity but the laughs are completely worth it.