The tale of the dancing spider and the incredible vibrating dog

Yeah, the name sounds really weird and/or perverted, but it’s really not. Here’s what I’m talking about with the title.

My dog is afraid of thunder and when it starts, he will freak out until he gets let into a room with somebody in it.

He will then proceed to hide under the nearest desk or overhanging object or cuddle up to me, shivering violently the entire time.

He shivers so hard that you can actually see the poor boy shaking. Whenever it starts to storm, my mother and I joke about how the dog is vibrating, then try to console him.

As for the dancing spider? There was a little jumping spider that had climbed up onto my laptop screen and I decided to poke at it using the on-screen pointer.

This only made it get twitchy. After a few seconds of this, it climbs up to the top of a laptop screen that I use for a different computer — located right in front of my desktop monitor — where the icon was now twice as large as the spider itself.

If I moved the pointer to the left, the spider shifted bodily to the left, and tracked it.

If I moved it to the upper right from the lower left, it would spin rapidly to the right and lift its torso up so it could stare directly at the pointer.

It never moved from its spot.

I watched that little spider follow that icon for five minutes straight. Once it got bored with the icon, I took it outside and let it out on my bushes so it could follow something it could actually eat.

Little thing earned its life by amusing the larger predator.

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