‘The Stanley Parable’ full of adventure

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you read as a kid? “The Stanley Parable” is a modern kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” in video game form.

Rather than being an action or sci-fi kind of adventure where, if you choose the wrong door, you face some gruesome death, you are presented with different philosophical lessons or parables, depending on which path you pick.

British voice actor and narrator for the game Kevin Brighting absolutely nails his role. Of course, an actor is nothing without good writing. The dialogue is hilarious and at times, more contemplative.

Brighting nails his expressions ranging from angry to depressed, to downright comical that fits the writing greatly.

“The Stanley Parable” has many branching paths that will take a couple hours to find. It might leave you wishing for more, but at $15 and often discounted, it’s a reasonable price for an Indie video game.

Endings for each path aren’t all hilarious, and some tend to be introspective or on the meta side which might not make much sense to younger players.

Finding all of these different paths is a fun process. Although “The Stanley Parable” is a single-player game, I found the best way to experience it is with friends. T

aking suggestions from friends on which path to take and experiencing Brighting’s narration together is a joy. Giving an example of a path would spoil the experience, and I wouldn’t want to ruin any of the great writing and scenarios that deserve to be experienced.

“The Stanley Parable” can be found on digital PC gaming service Steam. There’s even a demo if you’d like to try before buying.

If you’re a philosophy major or just tired of the endless stream of shooting games saturated in various different shades of brown, and want a story, I highly recommend “The Stanley Parable.”

Rating: B

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