The price of education is worthwhile

It’s a new year, and the normal spring semester is about to begin for 2013. Classes will start, and those of us unfortunate enough have morning obligations will have to drag ourselves out of bed and rush off into the cold morning.

We will get new classes, new professors and maybe some new friends, but more importantly, we’ll get exposure to new concepts, ideas, theories and information that should help us grow and evolve as educated citizens.

In the end, that’s why we do it, right? It’s all done in the name of self improvement. It helps motivate us to get up and into class day after day.

If the question of whether or not it’s all worth it lingers in your mind, think of how after graduation you might be working in a career field of your very own choosing.

It goes without saying that the value of doing what you want to do for a living is absolutely priceless.

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