The Panama Papers – Grant Swalwell

panama-papers-3-390x285The Panama Papers have not resulted in enough governments falling but they present an interesting news story. No one is surprised the wealthy and powerful steal, launder, and use taxpayer funds, nor is the scale even surprising — what is surprising is that the dirty laundry of people who can discretely have people killed is hanging out to dry.
We have no effective international police force to deal with international criminals. Of course the people profiting from the system also happen to be legislators or give directions to one, so the impetus for change is low. It would take a concerted effort by the G20 nations to make a dent in the savings accounts of the shadow economy. An economy we plebs rarely get a look at.
The vast intricacies of international trade and finance are in some part intentional, for international legal, real estate holding, and finance firms difficulty is business, it’s also camouflage. While money will always find a way to point B from A, it also always leaves a trail, and if someone wants to, it can be followed. In most cases there’s just no will to make a way. If a lone hacker leaked the papers, they are dead or pretending to be, but I think it was probably the USA, just look who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, a bunch of demonized nations and Iceland, and David Cameron’s father.

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