The Man in the Machine: The story of Steve Jobs

steve-jobsI’ve known a bit about Steve Jobs, even before he passed away and the world mourned. Computer Scientists have always had an admiration for the innovators and creators that have shaped the face of technology. We never bothered to dive in the details, but the devil is in the details so they say.

The Man in the Machine sets a very early message showing the impact of Steve Jobs’ death in the first moments. It poses the question of ‘Why did the world mourn a stranger?’ In any case, it’s a fair question. Who really was Steve Jobs? This documentary wanted to paint a picture of the man, and what his intentions and definitions of success really were. Jobs was special and always got his way, but it never mattered who was in the way or who helped him get to where he wanted to be for him.

He wasn’t the perfect man everyone made him out to be, and it’s a conflicting feeling for the people who knew him best. The way he dealt with the business and personal conflicts in his life are definitely off, and the people around him knew. Apple was always the focus of his life. It was that and his ego that always pushed people away through his actions and decisions.

The film goes through his life, from the conception of the company, his philosophical views, his departure from Apple, to his return in what people call the ‘Renaissance’ of the company with the iMac, iPod and iPhone, and finally the true impact and meaning of his death. The film does not have a mission to show Jobs in a negative light, it wants to show him in his true light.

It was through the relationships he made through his life that defined him. The decisions he made throughout his career shaped and clearly made him out to be someone who is out of touch. Even though Jobs had changed the world in a way, it never changed who he really was.  

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