The battle for modern America astounds

The last GOP debate in South Carolina was hotter than the local barbecue.

It was a massacre, and as usual Teflon Don was still standing.

GOP elephantThe gore and fecal matter flew in every direction at high velocities, the establishment caught fire and began to crumble – an omen for Trump’s plans for the remaining GOP establishment.

Highlights include Marco Rubio accusing Ted Cruz of not speaking Spanish, and Ted Cruz replying in Spanish. Jeb made a statement that he was sick and tired of his family being picked on. Trump interrupted him to continue picking on his family.

In a surreal moment, Donald Trump stated that the Iraq war was a massive failure, that he had a lot of friends die in 9/11, and that 9/11 happened while Jeb’s brother was president, all met with heavy booing.

Insanity! People are still justifying the least efficient use of total military superiority ever.

In a foreign policy squabble, Jeb outlined how he would dismantle Obama’s policy, and replace it with what sounded exactly like what we are already doing.

Trump was by far the most in tune with reality on the stage. This is the time in which we live.

Skeptical of the accusations that the audience was filled with donors, I did a little research, and it was!

However, the rhetoric I see online is entirely in agreement with Trump. Moderates, conservatives, and even liberals are defending his slaughter of the retaliating GOP.

This election season is better than “House of Cards.” Best debate so far.

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