That Team Over There win series


After two hard fought games “That Team Over There” prevailed and will represent OCCC in the National Intramural Flag Football Championships Nov. 4 in Dallas.

Utter domination occurred on Oct. 14 when That Team over There met the Smash Brothers in the 8-on-8 Intramural Flag Football Championship series, in a best two out of three playoff series.

TTOT went on to win the first two matches and were crowned 8-on-8 Flag Football Champions after the best of three play-off series, scoring a combined 96 points in quite elegant fashion.

“Elegant fashion” did not end with the plays on the field as TTOT sported pink T-shirts in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It would have been a mistake to confuse their honorable expression for weakness however, as was evident in TTOT’s 50-26 Game 1 victory.

TTOT is an offensive juggernaut, who seem to come up with consistent scoring drives in an “on-the-fly” way.

“We run the ‘DOT’ offense: Do our own thing,” TTOT quarterback Brad McKay said.

Coming off the Game 1 loss, the Smash Brothers wanted to come out in Game 2 and bring some energy and to hit on all cylinders.

Unfortunately for the Smash Brothers, that new energy quickly evaporated as TTOT struck first.

TTOT’s lefty quarterback Ryan Fields connected with Clinton Fowler for a five-yard gain but, being the playmaker that he is, Fowler quickly turned five yards into a long creative touchdown reception.

The Fowler touchdown made it 8-0 to TTOT after the two-point conversion.Fields and Fowler seemed to be the consistent duo for most of the day.

After a non-productive drive by the Smash Brothers, Fields threw a beauty of a spiral deep to Fowler to make it 16-0 with the extra try.

The Smash Brothers finally started to gain some ground on their next possession.

The Smash Brothers quarterback Victor Quezada was able to consistently find his crew of receivers, with receptions from Eriz Espinoza, Stephen Udo, Sean Roberts and Will Crome. The Smash Brothers were finally able to get into scoring position.

Not to be left out, Quezada also found DaShon Lovelace in the back of the end zone to make it 16-6.

After the Smash Brothers score, the game then tipped in favor of TTOT.

TTOT would quickly score five consecutive touchdowns with the dual passing attack of Ryan Fields and Brian McKay.

Throughout the championship series, TTOT switched quarterbacks between Fields and McKay and the switch often left The Smash Brothers vulnerable.

TTOT receiver William Gise said consistency often dictated the switch in the play-callers,

“We just go with whoever is feeling it,” Gise said.

The switch proved to be effective as the score was now 40-6.

Quezada struggled to get the Smash Brothers in sync and always seemed under pressure from TTOT’s Benjamin Dunn, who recorded two sacks—a rare feat in flag football.

Luckily for the Smash Brothers, Quezada would find time and escape the pressure to find Roberts and Lovelace for two consecutive touchdowns plus a two point-conversion, which then made the score a respectable 46-28.

Throughout the championship series, chemistry became a key factor for both teams and it showed.

Fewer players and a lack of inter-squad understanding seemed to be the main obstacle for the Smash Brothers.

“We were down one player and we were lacking chemistry,” Lovelace said.

This, however, was never a problem for an experienced TTOT.

“Most of us have played together since we were in junior high and we are all good friends so we might go to the park and just throw it around for fun,” McKay said.

This was apparent and key to TTOT winning the 8-on-8 Flag Football Championship.

TTOT players are very excited about the trip to Texas as well as the competition.

“Yeah, we are stoked for Texas,” McKay said.

“We’re excited to play some good teams from all over.” Hensley said.

“Plus just the trip itself is going to be a lot of fun.”

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