Take and Bake pizza equals four pounds of perfection

Papa Murphy'sWinter weather can bring people together or bring out the scrooges of ice and snow. The recent shenanigans of Mother Nature have done the former for my family and me.

My brothers-in-law, with their wonderful better halves, came over to help my husband fix the rear axle he broke on my truck after using the roads as a slip and slide.

Now, while I am not happy with the reason for the gathering, one of the outcomes was greatly pleasing to me and, more specifically, my taste buds.

Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake 5-meat stuffed pizza was the perfect way to keep my attention off tearing my husband a new one for breaking my truck.

The double layer of dough was the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy to keep my mouth chewing and from yelling words I would later regret.

The little bits of sausage, beef, and bacon filled my mouth enough to where I dared not open it for fear of just the tiniest piece falling out and blaming him for that as well.

Canadian bacon and pepperoni slices were plenty to keep my attention on my pizza to make sure a certain someone didn’t come along and break it, too.

Enough cheese was on it to make it the perfect gooey masterpiece every pizza lover would almost agree to having a truck broken as long as they could drown their sorrows in this pizza each time. Almost.

Two coatings of red sauce were just enough to make sure I didn’t need to get up for a drink and get distracted enough to go break someone else’s rear axle.

The four-pound pizza was just the thing to distract me and keep my eyes closed in pleasure to keep from killing my husband with the evil-wife eye.

I believe in looking for the good with the bad even if the bad qualifies one person in a relationship being in the dog house. The good from my bad situation is the support I now have for my argument on trucks. Boys can’t handle them. Trucks are for girls.

Another good thing that came from this is the amazing mouth-watering pizza —  I am now going to have to limit for myself if I plan on being able to wear the same size pants for the next few years.

Rating: A

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