Taco Bell willing to think ahead

Cap’N’Crunch Cinnabon DelightsAmerica has been associating itself with innovation for a fairly long time. This country has many great inventions — GPS, the Internet, the nuclear bomb.
Sadly, much of that culture of innovation has left this country and seemingly drifted west across the Pacific.
However, some innovators remain in America, even some large businesses think further ahead than the next fiscal year report.
The company I have taken the time to compliment this time is surprising for most — Taco Bell.
They know their market, plain and simple.
Their changes are well measured, their new menu items daring, yet refined.
For instance, they recently released Cap’N’Crunch Cinnabon Delights, a dessert that will change your life forever.
The true beauty of Taco Bell is its honesty. They aren’t trying to be something they aren’t.
They know we go to Taco Bell when it’s late, the squad is sleepy and I want to get full off five dollahs.
Taco Bell is an honest business in a den of sadomasochist rat snakes.
I would recommend Taco Bell for snacks after the sun goes down.
Rating: A-

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