Students should plan for future

Summer and fall enrollment are rapidly approaching so students should start planning now to avoid long lines in the Office of Academic Advising. Enrollment for returning students opens March 26.

Visiting with an adviser early to pre-plan your next semester is a smart idea.

Students who set their goals early and have an action plan are often more successful in their academic careers.

Likewise, if you are working, have a family, or other priorities that you must plan your coursework around, meeting with an adviser in advance can make enrollment a much smoother process.

Classes will fill up quickly and optimal times and days for those on a restricted schedule will be difficult to find.

When you enroll early, there is more class availability for you to choose from, the lines are shorter and, during the semester, faculty are available on campus to help you select your faculty-approved electives.

Pre planning your future after graduation from OCCC is also a good idea.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year university in the fall should apply for admissions at their chosen institution as soon as possible.

Many institutions have transfer enrollment days that allow transfer students to enroll before other students at the institution; however, students must be admitted to the institution to take advantage of these transfer enrollment days.

Students who are planning to attend the University of Central Oklahoma will have the opportunity to complete the admissions process on the OCCC campus from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 13 in the Oklahoma Room.

Admissions representatives from UCO will be available to assist OCCC students with the process and will be able to confirm the students’ acceptance to UCO at that time.

Being admitted to UCO will allow students to attend UCO Transfer Enrollment Days April 4 through 6.

Attending Transfer Enrollment Days is a big advantage to transfer students as they will be able to enroll even before continuing UCO students.

—Linda Kay Little

Transfer and Academic Advising Coordinator

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