Students should meet with advisers

This has been a busy enrollment period for the Office of Academic Advising. During the last three weeks of heavy enrollment our office has received 4,900 plus visits.

As always, students can avoid long lines during the heavy enrollment period which is the first few weeks before classes start by choosing classes at the beginning of the enrollment period.

We encourage students to start meeting with an adviser in late October for spring enrollment. Visiting with an adviser early to pre-plan your next semester is really a smart idea. Students who set their goals early and have an action plan are often times more successful in their academic careers.

Likewise, if you are working, have a family, or other activities that you must plan your coursework around, meeting with an adviser in advance can make enrollment a much smoother process.

When you enroll early, there is more class availability for you to choose from, the lines are shorter, and during the semester, faculty are available on campus to help you select your faculty approved electives.

The longer you wait, the quicker classes at what may be more convenient times for you will fill up.

Also, it is almost time for the Transfer and Graduation Fair. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28, there will be 20-plus colleges and universities in the College Union to share with students about their programs and the transfer process.

This is a great opportunity for students to connect to their next institution, learn about the many programs available for their next step in academics, and to plan for their futures.

Students can learn about scholarships, the application process, financial aid, multiple majors, and how financial aid works in the transfer process.

If you are interested in getting ahead on that next step in your educational career make sure that you visit the Transfer and Graduation Fair!

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