Students should be familiar with certain dates

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It’s back to school, again. Some students enroll for summer classes to get ahead; some do it because there is no better way to spend their summer.

History major Mary Cornelsen is taking six credit hours this summer.

“I didn’t have anything to do this summer but work so I decided to take some classes to get them out of the way and hopefully graduate sooner,” Cornelsen said.

If you find yourself in the same position, be sure to know the important dates in the summer calendar.

The semester begins June 6 and ends July 29. Tuition and fees are due June 6.

The last day to withdraw with a refund is by midnight June 10. The last day to withdraw without a refund is by midnight July 15. It is suggested to do so before closing business hours in case there are any holds on the account.

“There are many things to keep in mind before deciding to drop a class,” said Mary Ann Bodine, Academic Advising assistant director.

“The first step students need to take is to talk to (someone in) Financial Aid because dropping a class might help or hurt your aid for the current or upcoming semester,” Bodine said.

If a student finds him or herself failing the class, dropping it will preserve that student’s GPA.

Dropping a class by June 10 will completely remove the class from a transcript. However, waiting until July 15 will result in a W for withdrawal.

To drop a class, students have choices, Bodine said.

If help is needed, it is best to set up an appointment with an academic adviser. There is also the option to drop a class through the registration office or online.

Bodine suggests planning ahead “so you don’t have to drop any classes.

“Balance is everything.”

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