Students return to reopened facilities

After three days of cleaning up from torrential rains that closed the Aquatics Center, the Weight Room and the Social Sciences Center, all three areas reopened last week Khari Huff, Recreation and Fitness Coordinator said.

The cost of cleaning and repairs hasn’t been totaled, Huff said. She said she was not sure when a final amount would be tabulated.

The centers were closed July 7 when more than 2.5 inches of rain flooded parts of the low lying areas of the college.

Rain came through the ceiling and seeped under the doors again July 8 near Entry 10, Social Sciences Dean Susan Tabor said.

Jenny Kellbech, Recreation and Fitness secretary, said the fitness areas were closed as a safety precaution but reopened to full use July 12.

“Rain water flooded the whole hallway, weight room and pool,” Kellbach said.

Social Sciences students were scattered across campus as their classes met in other buildings such as the Arts and Humanities Center, but by July 13 all classes had returned to Social Sciences, said Mary Barr Social Sciences division secretary

“All classes are back to normal hours at the Social Sciences building,” she said.

Students said they felt happy at the centers’ reopenings.

Anthony Payton, history major, said he had been frustrated with the move but felt better that his class was back in its regular classroom.

“I didn’t feel comfortable taking classes in the other building. The chairs were too small, and it smelled like old feet there,” he said. “I’m glad to get things back to normal.”

The reopening of the centers also was a relief to others such as Upward Bound student Carlos Sierra.

“I can’t do what I usually do,” Sierra said before the Aquatics Center reopened.

“I swim every morning to start my day.”

Other students said they also were happy to get back to their normal fitness schedules.

“The pool closing has disrupted my daily routine,” John Ngyuen said.

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