Students have options for book buy-back

As classes come to a close and students gear up for the summer, the college bookstore is anticipating a crowd of students looking to get rid of their used textbooks.

Beginning May 9 until May 16, students can sell their textbooks for cash at the OCCC bookstore located in the Main Building.

Brenda Reinke, bookstore director, said students can earn up to 50 percent of the OCCC Bookstore shelf price by using the OCCC bookstore — regardless of where the book was purchased.

She also assures students that 100 percent of the revenue is used solely for OCCC.

“The more used books that the campus bookstore has to sell, the more money fellow students can save,” Reinke said.

Some students will choose other options during the book buy-back season.

Across the street from the campus is Textbook Brokers, a secondary option for students looking to make a little cash.

Logan Taylor, assistant for Textbook Brokers, said she wants students to know their store is a legitimate source for book buy-backs.

“Generally you get more money over here,” Taylor said. “Compared to OCCC, we take more books at the same or even better price.”

There has even been a slight competition between the school and Textbook Brokers.

“We know the OCCC bookstore has posted fliers around campus telling students ‘not to buy from strangers’,” Taylor said.

“Students should know that we’re not an illegitimate source for book buy-backs.”

If students aren’t happy with either Textbook Brokers or the OCCC bookstore, other options are available.

Lindi Bihm, advertising major, said she doesn’t go to either store.

Bihm said she has turned to online websites to sell her books to fellow students.

“I always sell on Craigslist,” Bihm said.

“Not only does it benefit me, but other students as well because we both make more money in the end.”


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