Students find their way during first week back

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Attending a new school can sometimes be overwhelming and students may find they have a few issues when arriving on campus for their first week of classes. Despite these issues, students can rest assured they are not alone.

Nursing major Kasey Aufiero says she encountered problems upon first arriving on campus.

“Parking was a big issue for me this week,” Aufiero said. “I got to school about 40 minutes before my first class and still had a hard time finding somewhere to park.”


To assist students in finding parking spots, members of campus police and security directed traffic throughout the first week of school to speed up the process of finding open lots.

In addition, both the college’s Twitter and Facebook posted updates throughout the day about which lots were full and which ones were still available.

Animal sciences major Alexys Kinney said her biggest issue was getting her time management in order. “One thing that frustrated me was how quickly we need to have our books,” Kinney said. “By the time I got my paycheck from work so I could buy my books, I already had papers due.”

While some students’ weeks may not have gotten off to a perfect start, others say recent campus modifications, such as the wayfinders, have made their transition a little smoother. Undecided major Hilary Johnson says she used a wayfinder to get to her class.

“I knew my class was in the SEM building but didn’t know where to go from there,” Johnson said.

“Since the wayfinders are posted all over the place, it was easy to find one and figure out where to go from there.”

For those who may not be as familiar with the campus layout, help was always available for those who ask for it.

Student Ambassador Kevin Hernandez , who works at the Welcome Center, said the first week of school is one of the busiest.

“We get a lot of people asking where their class is, how to drop a class, what to do if their class has been moved, etc,” Hernandez said. “We usually send them to the division office or try to point them in the right direction.”

In addition to on-campus help, students who follow the college on Facebook may also be at an advantage.

Within the first week of school, the college’s Facebook page was filled with students asking questions as well as posting books for sale. A link was even posted by the college itself showing students how to set up their students email and access it from their mobile phone.

With the many resources now available, new and returning students can rest assured OCCC is doing everything to make sure their semester is a successful one.

To follow the college’s posts on Facebook search Oklahoma City Community College and “like” the page or follow OTripleC on Twitter.

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