Students encouraged to make their voices heard at Higher Education Day

OCCC students who are wanting to make a change in higher education for themselves or others are encouraged to make their voices heard, March 9. by participating in the 2021 Higher Education Day.

All students can share their views about any higher education topic with state legislators that day by coordinating on social media posts, sending emails, creating videos and even holding virtual meetings with lawmakers, Student Life Director Cody Garrison told club representatives at the Student Government Association meeting Feb. 25.

“This is an opportunity to utilize the power of student voices to reach out to Oklahoma state legislators and representatives to address important topics,” Garrison said.

“In addition [they can] advocate for funding or initiatives for higher education in the state of Oklahoma.”

The Higher Education day is an annual event in which students, faculty and administrators go to the state capitol to meet one-on-one or in groups with their representatives.

As most things, due to the pandemic, the event will be held virtually. Students interested in participating are encouraged to contact Garrison at or SGA President Breanna Conrad at to learn more about OCCC’s planned activities, which will start March 7.

“We have a list of things we have set for students to participate in. If you are interested in participating in shaping the landscape of higher education in the state, this is an amazing opportunity to do so,” Garrison said.

Some students may want to meet with their legislators – in OCCC’s case Representative Jon Echols—but are afraid of a one-on-one meeting.

Garrison said the students won’t be alone. “While we want to utilize your voice, you will not be alone. You will have other staff or faculty members in attendance with you,” he said.