Students do Shakespeare justice

While I’ve never seen a Broadway show, I’ve attended more community theater productions and school plays than I’d like to admit.

However, after attending the premiere of OCCC’s production of “Macbeth,” I’m pleased to say I was part of the opening night audience.

If you attended high school in America, chances are your literature professor forced you to read Shakespeare’s woeful piece about blind ambition and the dreary fate resulting from greed and madness.

But if you were unaware of the play’s events prior to opening night, the OCCC Theater Department did a splendid job portraying Shakespeare’s classic tale.

While there was little to be said about costume design (most of the players wore street clothing), I’d argue that the acting was some of the best I’ve seen in such a small production.

Audiences often think it’s an easy job memorizing a script, but Shakespeare is no joke — either he’s recited right or he’s recited wrong.

The players of “Macbeth” seemed to have seriously studied their scenes.

That said, although the play is centered around the demise of Macbeth’s character, I must admit that Lady Macbeth stole the show.

While Macbeth’s descent into madness was portrayed superbly by University of Central Oklahoma graduate Tyler Waits, audiences shouldn’t discredit the passion necessary to play his female counterpart.

Portrayed by OCCC student Alexis Ward, Lady Macbeth contributes to Macbeth’s madness as she encourages him to murder King Duncan and inherit his riches (at one point she recites that if the king hadn’t resembled her father while sleeping, she’d have murdered him herself).

Throughout the play, Lady Macbeth begins going mad as well and I personally felt that Ward’s acting aesthetic was perfect for the part.

Because I’ve only read Shakespeare’s play without seeing it performed, I’ve never witnessed the characters’ emotions firsthand.

However, I was pleased with how impassioned Ward appeared while reciting Lady Macbeth’s monologues as her character developed throughout the production.

Along with Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Macduff, Duncan’s heirs, and the three witches were all characters I enjoyed seeing on stage.

Overall, the play was an exciting experience and I look forward to future productions put on by the OCCC Theater Department.

Rating: A

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