Student says President Paul Sechrist will be missed

letter to the editor graphicI’ve been a student here at OCCC for a couple of semesters. Overall, I’ve been happy here, but I recently heard that President (Paul) Sechrist will be leaving this year.

I’m kind of scared about what will happen after he leaves.

Everybody I know really likes him. When I see him walking around campus, he always seems happy and is smiling. He even bought a cup of coffee for one of my friends one day over at the coffee shop.

OCCC is a good school, but not everyone is as friendly and positive as he seems to be.

I don’t know why he has decided to retire this year, but things will really be different when he’s gone.

I wish we could convince him to stay at least until I could graduate next year, but that probably wouldn’t happen.

I think it would be good for everyone who can and will to take the time to let Dr. Sechrist know how much he will be missed and what his time as president of OCCC has meant to them.

Change can be scary, but I just don’t know how someone like him can be replaced.

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