Student reported as suspicious referred to experts

Campus police say a student was suffering from “delusions” when he reportedly told another student there were terrorists on the city bus wanting to kill her and others at the school. The student, Israel Abraham, has been referred to the OCCC CARE team, a group of campus experts who consult about students who may pose a threat to themselves or others, said team member Mary Turner, Learning Support specialist.

A police report shows that at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, June 11, Abraham, 44, reportedly approached OCCC student Elizabeth Martin, 28, as she was headed to the library to return a book.

Along the way, Martin said, she noticed a public bus that was letting passengers off. She said one of the passengers was walking toward her and staring at her.

Martin said Abraham kept staring at her so Martin asked if she could help him.

She said the man then looked at her, pointed at the bus and said there were a lot of terrorists on the bus. The student said Abraham then pointed in the general direction of the Main Building … and said “and they want to kill you.”

The student said the man, later identified as Abraham, did not follow her when she walked away from the encounter.

“He looked really like he was out of place … like he wasn’t all there,” she said.

Martin contacted campus police about the incident and identified Abraham from security surveillance footage.

According to the incident report, Officers Ronald Ventresca and Gordon Nelson located Abraham in the library. He became loud and agitated when the officers approached, according to the report.

Abraham told the officers very powerful people were out to kill him because he was working with “important people,” including President Bush, to defend America from terrorists, according to the report.

Abraham also said there was a conspiracy by his English Comp professor to keep him out of the ministry because he had been given a C in the class when he had wanted an A.

Police said Abraham at first denied talking to anyone on his way to the library but finally said he may have mentioned something to a woman including the term “unexplained hatred,” according to the report.

Ventresca said he advised the man to be more careful in how he spoke to people, especially those he does not know. The man was then photographed “for future reference” and the CARE team referral made.

The CARE team is comprised of Learning Support specialist Mary Turner, Student Support Services Counselor Jenna Howard, Student Life Director Erin Logan, Police Chief James Fitzpatrick and a currently unfilled position. The team’s actions and reports are not made public.

The team also is the repository for storing information about students who have been referred to them so a more complete history is maintained.

Abraham spoke to reporters but said he didn’t want to go on the record.

To contact campus police, call 405-682-7872. For an emergency, use one of the call boxes located inside and outside on campus or call 405-682-1611, ext. 7747.

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