Student Life opens clubhouse

Student Life logoStudent clubs looking for a place to host an official meeting now have access to a room in the Student Life office area that has been dubbed the clubhouse, said Student Life Assistant Director Kendra Fringer

Formerly the Student Life director’s office, the room has a conference table and chairs, a computer, sheet paper and more, Fringer said.

“It’s another opportunity for us to provide students and student leaders on campus with resources and materials they need,” she said.

“We lovingly refer to it as the clubhouse, but it’s’ really more of a student conference room.”

Fringer said the space was created over the summer so campus clubs and organizations would have a more user friendly and space friendly area in which to meet and make plans.

Aside from having a convenient location to meet, students are able to potentially save on some production expenses thanks to amenities provided by student life.

“There’s big sheet paper in the room if students wanted to use that to make banners,” said Fringer.

She said the room has table space, computer space, and bins for each organization to keep their things in, said Fringer when showcasing the room.

For the Christians on Campus, the clubhouse provides an intriguing alternative to their regular meeting places.

“We’re meeting two times a week…so it would be interesting to look into,” said club sponsor James Kennedy.

The main determining factor for whether the club will use the space is if it would be able to hold all of their members, said student member Aletheia Kennedy.

The room also is used for Student Life conferences, Fringer said, so clubs would need to check the availability.

Student leaders are encouraged to use it for meeting space, executive or member training, or any other function, she said.

Fringer said those who are looking for a respectable, professional setting to host an organization meeting, should keep the clubhouse in mind as a good option.

For more information about Student Life and the clubhouse, call Student Life at 405-682-1611, ext. 7523, or email

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