Steampunk designer talks style preparation
Krista Colman Rome and Juliet contumes
COSTUMER: Arts major Krista Colman offers a glimpse of a steampunk costume and showcases some other accessories she designed for the on-campus performance of “Romeo and Juliet” in early March. Melissa Sue Lopez/Pioneer

When “Romeo and Juliet” was performed on campus in early March, the production gained more success than expected. Extraordinary costumes played an important role in the show’s success.

Theater Arts major Krista Colman designed the costumes for the show.

“There are over 23 costumes for the play and it was about four months to get all the costumes done,” Colman said.

She said many of the costumes were made almost completely by hand, save for Juliet’s wedding dress.

The intention, Colman said, was to draw a clear distinction between two families’ by the look of their clothes.

+++Hat(MSL)“The costumes show the contrast between Montagues and Capulets, by showing the audiences clearly a Goth’s look (with dark and dramatic Victorian era inspired clothing) or clearly a Steam Punk’s look (inspired by 19th century steam-powered machinery)”

Colman said during the show the audience would recognize that the Montagues will wear mostly brown hats with goggles. In contrast, the Capulets likely wear black hats with more jewels to look richer and more royal.

The total cost of making all the costumes was less than $2000.

+++Hat2(MSL)Theatre Arts major Jerusa Brown, who played Juliet in the show, said she was impressed by Colman’s work.

“Those costumes are really good. This is the first time our costumer has costumed for the show and she started it out really well,” she said.

Theater Arts major Neil Newby, who was Romeo in the play, said “I am so happy that I wear only one costume throughout the show. My partner, Juliet had to change her costumes so many times. I do not know how she could deal with that.”

Newby said the only wardrobe malfunctions experienced during the show were minor; a few lost buttons and some scratches, but everything will be fixed quickly.


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