Spotify easy-to-use music source

Imagine browsing on iTunes and suddenly every song and album’s price tag changed to “FREE.”

This is the premise of Spotify, which can be considered the Netflix of the music business.

Spotify has an impressive collection of 20 million plus songs and adds over 20,000 songs every day, which is not far behind iTunes’ 26 million plus songs.

Songs, however, are streamed and require an Internet connection.

There are also advertisements, but the frequency at which they happen are far less than if you were listening to a traditional radio station.

Speaking of radio, Spotify also has a radio feature that functions much like Internet radio service, Pandora, except in Spotify you get unlimited song skips.

Like a song? Simply drag and drop it to your library to listen to later.

Spotify software can be installed on the desktop: TuneWiki, which gives you live lyrics, or Blue Note, which allows you to experience jazz music from different eras.

Much of what I’ve described above is the desktop experience and, unfortunately, the free mobile experience is very much stinted.

The free mobile experience includes the radio feature, with which you can do six song skips per hour, and your playlists.

You can’t listen to any song at will in your playlists; however, if your playlist has at least 20 songs and three albums, you’ll be able to shuffle through songs.

Don’t meet the requirements? Songs will automatically be filled in that are of similar style.

If you want to experience the same desktop experience on your mobile and listen to any song at will, the solution is Spotify Premium which costs $9.99 a month.

In addition to mobile access, Spotify Premium will disable all ads, give you higher audio quality and allow you to listen to songs offline without the need of an Internet connection.

If you’re a hardcore music aficionado, this deal will be very enticing.

For the price of an album, you get access to millions of songs without all the annoyances a free user gets.

With access on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP), a great desktop experience and a low starting price, there’s no reason not to give Spotify a listen.

Rating: A

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