Social site lacks originality

With the emergence of Facebook’s evil twin, Google+, I’m reminded of an old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Google+ launched its own version of a social networking site a mere three months ago. But after spending some time with this much-anticipated social networking platform, it may be more politically correct to say they created a knockoff of Facebook.

The interface is eerily similar to Facebook, which nonetheless makes it easy to navigate. Where Facebook has implemented a “News Feed,” Google+ has copied this feature into “Streams.”

Imitation is not flattery, in this case. It should be down right humiliating. They are attempting to assault the unconventional prototype of their creation.


Google’s original “Circles” feature seems promising, allowing users to selectively share information with specific groups.

Though the privacy customization offers more than what Facebook currently does, this will not be enough to sustain itself.

Google claims this is a “project,” not a “product.” But it looks as if the Google empire is trying to rival other social networking entities.

Integrated into this Google+ experience are different services that Google has already launched such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Picasa.

These features will differentiate it from the already successful Facebook, but that may not be good enough.

No fear, Facebook users. Though Google+ appears to be solid in form, not many will be compelled to make the main switch.

Facebook has more than 750 million active users that currently use their network, and is one of the most trafficked sites in the world.

Imagine trying to reteach your grandmother one more social networking site. Probable? I think not.

And what good is Google+ if your friends aren’t playing on the same playground?

I’m reminded of the days when MySpace was weaned out of popularity and Facebook took its place as the new cyber hangout.

But at least Facebook didn’t try to create a carbon copy of MySpace. As if.

If Google+ wants to steal Facebook users, they are going to have to offer something that distinguishes them from the rest of the sites in cyber space.

The plus side to Google+: it gives the social networking addict just one more meaningless platform for them to indulge in.

Rating: D+

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