Snapchat nothing more than ego booster

I’m patiently waiting for the day when I get to witness that one sad person who walks into a pole or door because he is more focused on his phone than on what’s right in front of him. Sometimes, when I sit by myself in an airport or cafeteria, I people-watch and hope that day will be the day.

++SnapchatIt hasn’t happened yet, but with the growing population becoming more and more involved with the newest app, social site and interweb, I’m certain it will happen soon.

Keeping watch for the latest social media fad and new social app is nowhere on my to-do list.

Being a full-time student, mom, wife and keeping a job takes up most of my time as well as being my main focus.

So when my sister and my best friend finally talked me into getting a semi-new social app, I wasn’t surprised when I was disappointed.

First, calling Snapchat a social app is pointless.

There are only 34 spaces available to add text. Twitter even has more than that, and that site even irks me at times when I want to pour my heart out to all seven people who may or may not care to take the time to read it.

Second, it takes way too long to send all 394 pictures that I take of my son each day to each one of those seven followers individually when it only takes a few minutes to upload all 719,050 pictures for the whole world to like, comment, share, save, and stalk.

And last, it’s a sham. The app says you can share the picture or video and choose the time limit for the receiver to view it and then it disappears. Gone for good. Those are all lies.

The break of dawn, no make-up on and pre-coffee picture I sent to my sister didn’t seem to disappear at all. It spread. Like a disease. An embarrassing, start-buying-more-makeup-and-oversized-sunglasses type of disease.

Snapchat, you have failed. You have not only failed to provide a useful app, but also the young generations growing up are now too focused on selfies and snap chatting pointless, non-verbal, non-communicational chats, thus taking away social skills.

Rating: D

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