Smokers should adhere to campus policy

The ashtrays are gone, the “Breathe Easy” signs are posted at every entrance to OCCC, the new student orientation has taken place and yet there are still some people who think they can sit outside the buildings of this campus and smoke cigarettes.

If this were a Facebook post, there would be a three-letter expletive inserted here, but instead, “really?”

For those who either do not understand, or choose not to adhere to the non-smoking policy that began Aug. 1, please be aware that the campus police will be enforcing the ban.

OCCC is college number 17 in the state to go smoke/tobacco free.

The rules are simple: No smoking on campus.

You cannot light up on a bench. You cannot light up in a trench. You cannot light up in your car. Across the street is not that far. Well, you get the idea. Or do you?

If you still don’t understand, you may be in line for a fine.

Don’t be surprised when campus police stop you and give you a written warning or a ticket.

Once the ban was implemented it became a campus law and breaking the law on campus is no different than breaking the law anywhere else.


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