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Courtesy Boobzilla
Boobzilla extracting a nail from her sinus.

This past Sunday night in a tiny bar called the Drunken Fry, a woman yelled vulgarities, cracked Jew jokes, and brandished a full-sized sword at a crowd of people.

But don’t call the police just yet. The woman is the Amazing Boobzilla, a comedienne and sideshow performer. And it’s all part of the show.

Part of the Carnival of Cleavage, an all-female vaudeville troupe, Boobzilla bills her act as “the worst show you will ever see.”


But the truth is far from that. Though the show lacks the polish of an ongoing circus act, it’s a strong and fun show that draws a diverse crowd.

About half of the material in Boobzilla’s show is classic sideshow, involving such feats as sword swallowing, fire eating, and shoving her hand into a raccoon trap.

The other half is a mix of vulgar humor, her ability to work an audience, and her guest performers.

Interspersed between what Boobzilla refers to as “the dangerous stuff” were dance numbers based on classic burlesque, performed by members of the 7 Deadly Sins Burlesque Revue.

The performances were diverse, including a steampunk number by a dancer named Panhandle Pearl, a rendition of Pee-Wee Herman’s “Tequila” number by Eddie Mercury, and a story number that showed Vera Voodoo changing from a demure librarian to a sexy vixen in minutes flat.

And Pepe LaRue did a gender bending number set to Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” He walked onstage in a miniskirt, disco boots, a purple wig, and a moustache.

But the focus of the show was Boobzilla. Although she also states that her jokes aren’t funny, she kept the crowd laughing almost all night.

One of her favorite tactics is to get in a pre-emptive strike by heckling the audience before they can heckle her.

The trick works amazingly, getting the audience laughing and cheering, and keeping the excitement and good humor high throughout the show.

One of the few moments where her humor failed was during an act where she halved an apple held in her assistant’s mouth — with an electric chainsaw.

Afterwards, she called a volunteer from the audience and did almost the same thing. The difference was, she gave the volunteer a capsule of stage blood, and pretended to slip with the saw.

Despite the assurances of the volunteer to the audience that it was indeed a blood capsule, it took Boobzilla and her guests several minutes to restore the audience’s spirits.

The climax of the show, and the act from which she takes her name, features Boobzilla using her breasts to lift various objects ranging from phonebooks to a folding chair covered in cinder blocks.

All in all, Boobzilla’s performance is strong, amusing, and unapologetically vulgar.

It’s also one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and the Jew jokes? Boobzilla is Jewish, and claims it is therefore her God given right to make fun of herself.

Rating: A

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