Shaved ice stand offers best of both worlds

Summer Snow logoI will stand for hours in 120 degree temperatures for the chance to eat a Silver Fox with cream. Gummy worms? I’m totally in. Cream? Where do I sign? That’s why when I completed my last final, I waltzed off campus with the dream of consuming a shaved ice that dripped with sugary glory.

There is an art to creating the perfect shaved ice. You cannot have too much syrup or it becomes a slush. Too little syrup and you’re eating a cup of dry ice. If the ice has melted much before shaving, the shaved result is too crunchy. There is hope, though.

Summer Snow Entertainment in Moore lives up to its name. This place serves each shaved ice with a sour straw and a tiny umbrella on top. It was so pretty, I hardly wanted to dig in (I got over that feeling pretty quickly).

While the stand serves up more flavors than any other stand I’ve seen, I chose my traditional Silver Fox. This stand offers something special, though: the F1 shaved ice. Not shaved ice, not ice cream, but shaved ice with ice cream.

You really can get the best of both worlds. In one bite, my life became complete.

With vanilla soft serve in the middle and on top, it’s nearly impossible to get a mediocre bite. I felt like I was eating homemade vanilla ice cream on a tropical island.

Each spoonful was a party in my mouth, yet a reminder that I was one bite closer to emptying my cup. It needed just a little more syrup, but once it began to melt a little, the favors melded together in a beautiful, holy matrimony.

If only the service had been better.

The lady working there looked as if she wanted me to leave. Honestly, what’s not to love about working at a shaved ice stand? You smell like sugar and red-40 dye. This chick obviously needed to eat a few more shaved ices to perk up her mood.

Aside from that, Summer Snow Entertainment met my standards. And at $2.50 for 12 ounces of snow and ice cream, I’ll definitely be visiting again soon.

Rating: A-

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