Second Comm Lab opens in VPAC

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An overcrowded Communications Lab in the Main building has led to the opening of a satellite location in the Visual and Performing Arts Center.

But students haven’t beaten a path to its door — yet.

Communications Lab 2 is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Room 146 of VPAC.

The second room became necessary when the main Communications Lab became the victim of its own success.

“The main lab sees about 20,000 students a semester,” said Rachel Olsen, Communications Lab and World Languages Center supervisor.

The Lab became so busy it seemed essential to add on, she said.

Olsen said the second location is equipped with computers and printers, tables with small stress-relieving toys such as Play-Doh and, of course, tutors standing by to help students improve their writing assignments.

Lauri Fitzpatrick, pre-allied health major, said she frequents the communications lab near the Student Union and now uses the VPAC communications lab.

“I just overheard some people talking about [Comm Lab 2],” Fitzpatrick said.

“I think everybody should use the Communications Lab for any papers that they have. It’s good, free help.”

Students interested in taking workshops in the Communications Lab should look into taking some in Communications Lab 2.

They host English as a Second Language sessions, Textbook Study Skills, and much more. Fliers can be picked up at either location.

For more information about both labs, call the main Communications Lab at 405-682- 1611, ext. 7379, or email Olsen at

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