Séan Cummings’ Irish pub a hidden treasure

My friends and I were looking for a new late-night hangout after becoming unsatisfied with our usual restaurant. We found Séan Cummings’ through urbanspoon.com and decided to try it out.

The building is a little hard to find. Located at 7523 N May Ave (on the corner of May and Grand), it’s in a little shopping center, with a tiny Irish flag above it that reads “Irish Pub.”

The entrance has two doors — a blue one leading to the pub and a red one leading to the Italian restaurant next door.

When we walked in, we were greeted with singing and the strumming of a guitar and cello.

The room was crowded with people listening to the live music. Since there were six in our group, it was a bit difficult to get a seat for all of us in one place.

I ordered a burger and chips (thick fries, not potato chips). The chips were OK, but the burger was thick, juicy, and delicious with a mild peppery taste.

After dinner I had their specialty cheesecake. I was served a small round cheesecake drizzled in chocolate.

The cheesecake had a top layer of chocolate and an Oreo crust. The cheesecake itself was blended with Bailey’s and Oreo crumbs.

The live music was fantastic. Five or six different musicians played, and we heard a medley of country, folk, and blues.

Unlike the restaurant itself, the bathrooms are quite spacious. If you’re the type to read what’s on the bathroom walls, you can learn about upcoming events at the restaurant.

When we left the restaurant, my friends and I agreed that although Séan Cummings’ is in a tiny building, we will keep going back for the food and music.

Rating: A

—Mary McAtee

Staff Writer

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