Scholarship op offered to students in financial need

The Women of the South (WOS) are continuing our commitment to higher education and our partnership with Oklahoma City Community College by offering a scholarship to women who might not be able to attend college without financial support.

The WOS Primary Provider Scholarship provides higher education opportunities to women who are the primary financial provider for their household.

WOS has always had a love for that single woman, trying to raise her children on a limited income who wants to give her family a better life by obtaining a degree. We hold dear each and every one of our scholarship winners and many have gone on to a 4-year college. The stories we hear from these women are just heartbreaking and our mission is to give them the financial help they need.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent; reside in the south Oklahoma City metropolitan area; and fall within the income requirements.

Recipients of this scholarship will receive funding to help them obtain an associate degree from OCCC. The scholarship includes tuition, fees and books.

The application form and income requirements can be found online at

Interviews will be conducted in June; application forms must be received by May 15. For more information contact Joyce Mauldin 405-691-4770 or Linda Carr 405-919-1146.

Founded in 1995, WOS has given out approximately $1 million in scholarships to deserving women in their 20-year history. The group has a strong working relationship with both the college and the OCCC Foundation.

WOS also offers a scholarship for young women graduating from a south Oklahoma City area high school. For more information about WOS, visit

To contact Joyce Mauldin, email

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