Rochelle Mosby has gone the extra mile

When she heard her name called for the Elven Gray award, Rochelle Mosby said at first she was in shock.

Then she teared up.

“It was a Sally Fields moment when I thought: ‘They like me. They really like me,’” she said. Mosby is the division assistant for Arts and Humanities. She won the award earlier this semester.

The Elven Gray Award is given annually to a college employee who goes above and beyond the requirements of his or her job. Mosby explained her theory about a job well done.


“You don’t just set a goal. You set a standard,” she said.

She said her work ethic comes from her grandparents and other family members. She said she is motivated by her children, as well.

Mosby began working for OCCC part-time in 1997. She said she is working on a bachelor’s degree from Rogers State University..

The award recognizes those individuals who embody the spirit of Elven Gray. He was the recipient of the college’s first Employee-of-the-Year award.

Mosby said helping students is by far her favorite part of her job.

“Education is for everyone,” she said.

Lyndsie Stremlow, Arts and Humanities department secretary, commended her co-worker.

“Rochelle always goes above and beyond,” Stremlow said. “She makes it a point to know not only her job but also everyone else’s.”

As division assistant Mosby enters all class changes and names of all the professors into the computer each semester, prepares all the contracts for 100 adjunct and full-time professors, does the paperwork for all department hires, keeps the supply closet stocked with every type of printer cartridge for office and classroom printers, and completes an endless list of tasks that require extreme attention to every detail.

Despite all her responsibilities, Mosby has time to take care of other people.

“She has never said ‘no’ to helping anyone,” Stremlow said.

Alumni Relations and Community Development Coordinator Randy Cassimus said he remembers Mosby receiving the award. It was only his second day with the college and he could recall how impressive the description of the award was.

Although he didn’t know her at the time, it was later that week that he needed help enrolling in a course and was advised to see Mosby.

“Within five minutes I could tell they had made a great choice,” Cassimus said. “She was everything the description for the award entailed and more.”

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