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thumbs up/downUsually reviews are done of movies, music and purchasable goods, and not so much about arbitrary things that may have no relevance to most readers. Today I will review another such thing: reviews themselves.

Now before you say, “Clayton, why are you reviewing reviews? That seems pointless.” The answer is very simple. Reviews themselves are pointless, but also very fun.

I’ll start with the latter. Why are they fun? Because being opinionated is fun.

Being able to express your opinion on something is always great. That’s basically why blogs exist, to be able to say opinionated things you wouldn’t be able to say to some people in person. I despise this, and usually try to keep my political and social opinions away from Facebook, Twitter and the like.

However, as someone who is trying to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, analyzing things is my niche.

Being able to write reviews, and possibly give my opinions and insight on certain topics and things is great, if not addicting, to me.

If I have an opinion on something, I’d love to share my findings with others who might value it.

On the other side, reviews also are completely pointless. And yes, I have a way of pointing this out without getting myself banned from writing more reviews.

Reviews are the most fun part of my job sometimes. Not just writing them but also reading the ones written by my talented coworkers. That being said, I do not always trust them.

My reason for this is the reason I will give for anyone reading reviews anywhere. Do not take a review or opinion as a fact.

If someone writes that a horror movie sucked, and you read that, you may be inclined to believe them and not see the movie. But the person may fail to mention they hate horror movies and, if you love horror movies, it could be your favorite movie if you saw it.

In conclusion, reviews are awesome! But remember, they are opinions. Think for yourself and try new things.

Rating: A for fun, F because they’re pointless.

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