Reviewer walks out on Efron film

Almost every guy loves a raunchy frat boy comedy and almost every girl loves a touching romantic comedy.

When these two genres combine into one film, one thing is guaranteed: Men and women will both hate it.

Such was the case with “That Awkward Moment,” starring Zac Efron.

In the beginning of the movie, Jason (Efron) is getting a girl out of his house after she has slept over. However, since Zac Efron plays him, the audience is already aware that deep down, he just wants to love. And they’re right.

The film’s first several minutes contain Jason partying and womanizing in that adorable Efron way, only to shockingly fall in love with one of the women with whom he has had a casual encounter.

At that point, the movie becomes a typical, flavorless romantic comedy punctuated every 10 minutes by a flat sex joke.

If I were to guess, I would say that “That Awkward Moment” was written as a full-on romantic comedy intended to pander to women but then a producer got ahold of the script and decided to throw in some naughty jokes to hopefully pander to men as well.

In spite of all of this, I think the main reason I disliked the movie was that my expectations were not met.

The trailer for “That Awkward Moment” made it look like Zac Efron was finally shedding his “good guy” appearance to do an actually funny movie.

If I had known what the movie would be when I took my girlfriend to see it, I may have stayed away and not left halfway through it. Yes, I did. I left during a movie showing for the first time in my life. In fact, my girlfriend led the way.

I suppose it’s my own fault for seeing a movie released in January — the creative naptime of Hollywood.

I am not sure how it ended but I hope everyone died. If you want to see a wild, funny, “Hangover”-style romp, “That Awkward Moment” will disappoint you. If you’ve always wanted to see what “Sleepless in Seattle” would be like if Tom Hanks used the F-word, you are in for a fun night at the movies.

Rating: F

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