‘Resurrection’ vivid, interesting plot

ABC recently premiered a new show, “Resurrection.”

It looked pretty weird to me, considering that it is about dead people coming back to life, but I decided to watch it anyway.

The episode starts out when a boy named Jacob mysteriously wakes up and is found in a field located in rural China.

With no information other than the baseball team name on his shirt, authorities send him to the U.S.

At the airport, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer Marty picks him up and begins to try to figure out where Jacob is from, but nothing seems to add up.

While playing on Marty’s phone, Jacob writes “Arcadia” down in a note.

Marty decides to take him to Arcadia, Mo., and Jacob leads him to “his house.”

An older man opens the door and explains to Marty that his son had drowned in a river 32 years ago.

The man disregards everything Marty says until he lays eyes on Jacob.

Jacob’s parents stand in disbelief, because their son appears to be standing just like he looked before he died.

Marty, a doctor, and Maggie, who happens to be Jacob’s cousin, begin to do tests and investigations to figure out what has happened.

Jacob died in an accident in the river with Maggie’s mom, Barbara.

His account of the incident makes the entire family question the legitimacy of the reports and story they have believed for so long.

The people involved with Jacob are dumbfounded as to how he miraculously appeared, alive.

Just when the story could not get crazier, Maggie’s best friend has a loved one who has been dead for a number of years reappear, as well.

This show was creepy and just flat out weird.

However, it is intense and I was constantly on the edge of my seat, forming my own theory about the mysterious dead coming back to life.

Although the show is freaky, I will be watching the rest of the season.

Rating: B

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