Respect should go both ways

I’ve been in this world a long time and lived in some of the worst places imaginable. I am currently in college at a wonderful school with wonderful people and it amazes me how a few bad apples can really spoil the barrel. Some people are disrespectful just because they can be.

OCCC has a campus full of nice, respectful professors and employees. In my experience at least 99 percent of the staff that I have met and have worked with are respectful to others. It is the one percent I have a big problem with.

I was recently almost mowed down in the parking lot by a person who works at OCCC. Fortunately I had the right of way and it was the employee that was speeding in the parking area. After almost hitting my car, she had the nerve not only to honk her horn at me but laid on it and said some things I’m glad I couldn’t make out because the situation could have gotten out of control.

I never confronted her directly, yet it still makes me angry every time I see her around campus. She smiles and chats away with her co-workers as if she is truly happy and respectful. She sees me daily but has never apologized.

I also witnessed a professor yelling at a student in an office full of students. At the time I did not know the professor very well but I was shocked and appalled at how she acted with disrespect to the student and others around him.

The young man was so embarrassed I couldn’t help but feel horrible about what he had just gone through. I was even more appalled when I discovered I had the professor the following semester. I almost didn’t take the class because I could still remember that day the professor was foaming at the mouth and yelled at this kid.

I was having a conversation with a person as we were walking down the hall, heading outside due to a fire, or shooter-on-campus drill. I was confused because the instructions were not clear as to what we were supposed to do and what type of drill it was.

This employee of the college interrupted me, yelling at me, saying, “Shut up and go outside … do you want to burn up in the fire?”

I have seen some of these same people I have mentioned break their necks to kiss up to the higher-ups at this school but treat others with such disrespect. They act like we are the ones who are supposed to apologize.

No Sir. I was raised to respect all people but respect goes both ways. I do not believe in bowing down to someone because they are in a position of authority. I am a grown woman. If you have a problem with me, or something I am doing or have done, pull me to the side and address me with respect and you will get that same respect in return.

I understand we are all human. We are all bombarded with the daily frustrations of daily life. I know even professors, employees and staff can have a bad day but these few people are supposed to be setting examples for the rest of us.


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