Registrar says students who enroll early will benefit

It’s that time of the year again — time to enroll for summer and fall classes.

Registrar Alan Stringfel­low said those who want to continue their education at OCCC should be aware that it’s a good idea to enroll right away.

By enrolling early, he said, students can speak with academic advisers and faculty advisers who have the knowledge students need to get a degree.

“I would stress how important it is to get in early, start enrollment as soon as possible.”

New students will need to bring all official high school and college transcripts to the admis­sions office to get started, Stringfellow said.

In addition, he said, students should start enrolling as soon as possible to avoid lines and to get the class schedule they want.

Stringfellowsaid OCCC is exceptional at tak­ing care of those students who have jobs and families outside of college, and need specific class schedules.

However, in order to get the hours that will work for the in­dividual, it is always best to be the first in line, he said.

Some returning students may not be able to enroll right away because of enrollment holds caused by outstanding fees or not providing correct official transcripts, Stringfellow said.

He said students who owe fees need to go see the bursar’s office where they can correct any issues.

Stringfellow said it’s important for students to get the correct official transcripts from their high schools or college and be sure they have the official seal from that school.

Aside from the regular summer and fall terms, students also can enroll in intersessions and Fast Track courses on the same date, he said.

For questions about enrollment, contact Stringfellow at or call 405-682-7512.

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