Reader says editorial hurts women

July 18, 2014 Letters to the Editor Print Print

This is in response to “Pornography has its Good Points,” Jake McMahon, June 7.

I am aghast any paper would choose to print the ramblings of a guy who thinks porn actually decreases sexual assaults on women.

The insensitivity expressed in McMahon’s piece was truly shocking and shows just how clueless some men evidently are regarding sexual violence.

The least appalling aspect was the lack of legitimate sources from which he quoted statistics. He tried to correlate the national decrease in rape with the widespread availability of Internet porn. A more accurate observation would be sexual violence against women was not popular in the media until the mid-90’s. To claim the decrease in violence is due to the saturation of porn via in-home Internet is like saying “The Soprano’s” is responsible for the decrease in organized crime.

… Rape has nothing to do with sex. Rape is the imposing of one’s will upon another for the sole purpose of hurting, humiliating, and dominating that person. One does not need an erect penis to sexually assault another person nor does being impotent magically erase misogyny.

To state I should be happy because I haven’t been raped — for any reason — was the worst part of this drivel.

McMahon clearly will never understand the fear only women know and, because of the mentality expressed in this article, the fear women must know.

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